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Here you will find all the dates, content and other important information about our VDE 0701/0702 and VDE 0100 training courses, as well as training courses in the field of quality management.

In this compact one-day seminar, the basics of measurement technology (metrology) for the field of measurement and test equipment management are explained.

The specifications and guidelines are explained, as well as the practical process of calibration and the management of measuring and testing equipment.

The theory is substantiated and illustrated with a high degree of practical relevance as well as practical examples and exercises.

Date: On request

Price: 495 € plus VAT per person

Perfect for

  • Employees of the test equipment monitoring department
  • Employees of the QA departments / QA assistants / quality managers
  • Test equipment manager
  • Measurement and control technician
  • Experts and QA employees who are responsible for measurement, test and calibration results
  • Employees from the areas of quality assurance, measuring systems and calibration
  • Persons who work with external service providers and calibration laboratories


Introduction and basics of metrology (metrology/measurement science).

  • Terms & definitions in measurement technology
  • Measurement technology institutions in DE and Europe

Standards and guidelines

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 / DIN EN ISO 17025
  • VDI/VDE/DGQ – Guidelines.
  • Manufacturer procedures/internal procedures

Test equipment management / test equipment administration

  • Goals and tasks
  • Use and handling
  • Documentation

Measurement uncertainties & interpretation of measurement results

  • Traceability/traceability of results
  • Influencing factors
  • Conformity/Declaration of Conformity

Practical exercises

  • Length measurement with calipers vs. outside micrometer
  • Temperature measurement in the “coffee” medium
  • electrical measurements: Not all multimeters are the same

Date: on request


  • Standards, regulations and laws
  • Basics and dangers of electric current
  • VDE 0701/0702 Testing of electrical equipment
  • Practical exercises
  • Legally compliant documentation
  • Getting started with the ETC software
  • Final discussion of the event

After the training course, you should be able to recognize hazards on systems, carry out measurements in accordance with standards and correctly interpret the measurement results obtained. You can then use this to create effective, efficient and, above all, legally compliant documentation.


Qualified electrician and basic knowledge of the Windows operating system


The number of participants is limited. This training serves as proof of specialist knowledge.

Focus on your learning success


We help you to carry out measurements in accordance with standards and to document them in a legally compliant manner.


Practical exercises with the measuring devices including software for maximum knowledge gain.

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