We calibrate your Fluke measuring devices with fast turnaround times & at competitive prices

Calibrated measuring equipment
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Measured variables

Our accredited calibration laboratory is equipped for a wide range of electronic measured variables.

Fluke measuring instruments

These measured variables are calibrated for measuring equipment and measuring devices in a wide range of applications.

What sets us apart

Many measuring devices from a wide range of well-known manufacturers undergo a calibration routine that we have developed over many years, so that we can guarantee fast and competent processing.

Fast & reliable

Average lead time maximum 5 working days.

Quality & precision

Highest quality and precision - even with factory calibrations.

Traceable calibration

Traceability to SI units is ensured for all factory calibrations.


“Super good quality and performance. Got everything back within a few days. I am extremely grateful that we had almost no downtime thanks to the good work!”

M. Pohl

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