On-site calibration at Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH

At QMK GmbH, we regularly calibrate at our customers’ premises. This is also the case for our long-standing customer, Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH. A climate/heating or laboratory high-temperature drying oven, which is suitable for maximum temperatures of up to 600 °C, was calibrated.

About Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH

For more than 45 years now, Sutter Medizintechnik has been a globally successful company in the field of medical technology. Based in Freiburg im Breisgau, the success of the medium-sized company is based in particular on the development of innovative products for precision electrosurgery. The highest quality standards and the associated improvement of clinical results require regular quality management measures. QMK GmbH has been helping to achieve high standards for many years.

On-site calibration: flexible and time-saving

On-site calibration has many advantages. On the one hand, you are flexible when it comes to scheduling the calibration. The respective calibration laboratory depends entirely on your time requirements. Another major advantage is the short downtime of your measuring and testing equipment. The measuring device(s) is/are calibrated directly on site and provided with a calibration certificate so that you can continue working with it immediately.

This was also the case at Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH: on an early working morning, the heating cabinet to be calibrated was ready for calibration so that it could be put back into operation after a short time.

On-site calibration of heating cabinet

Not only the scheduling is flexible, but also the calibration service, which calibrates on your premises. On arrival at Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH, the calibration technician discovered that the temperature sensor measuring plate he had brought with him did not fit into the heating cabinet to be calibrated. Without further ado, the entire calibration set-up was aligned with the measuring plates available on site.

Replacing the measuring plate during an on-site calibration

After the replacement, an initial test calibration was carried out to determine whether the data logger in particular reads and displays the correct measured values. This was followed by the actual calibration of the heating cabinet. This should be calibrated to a target temperature of 350 °C, as the QM department at Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH uses this to carry out its measurements. This meant allowing the heating cabinet to reach the target temperature and then starting the calibration.

Evaluation and calibration certificate directly on site

After an appropriate waiting period, the measurement result was evaluated directly on site and the now calibrated heating oven was given the QMK calibration seal. This contains the test equipment ID, which combines the device type, last calibration and lots of other useful information in our database.

Reading out the measurement results during an on-site calibration

All the equipment required for calibration (laptop, data logger, etc.) was dismantled, the heating oven was reset to the previously set values and after just two hours it was ready to be put back into operation. On-site calibration saves you valuable time and therefore money in day-to-day operation.

We would like to thank Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH for their many years of trust and look forward to the next on-site calibration. Would you also like to have your measuring devices calibrated on site? Request a calibration now!

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