Coordinate metrology: initial sample inspection reports and contract measurement

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First article inspection typically takes place after the development and prototyping of a product and before the start of series production.

The aim is to confirm the conformity of the first part produced with the technical requirements.

Initial sampling reduces the risk of product defects, which can lead to lower costs for rework or recalls and increases customer confidence in production quality.

It is used to validate the precision of production and to document that the manufactured parts meet all technical and quality specifications.

As a rule, the report is prepared by a qualified test laboratory or the quality assurance department of the manufacturing company.

It is often better if an accredited measuring and testing laboratory carries out the test in order to guarantee the neutrality and expertise of the assessment.

The report includes technical data, test methods, measurement results, photo documentation and a conclusion regarding the conformity of the product.

The report also documents deviations from the target values and any corrective measures.

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