QMK expands machinery: 3D coordinate measuring machine

In addition to our now extensive range of services and our constantly growing accreditation, we now also offer contract measurements and the preparation of initial sample test reports!

With the acquisition of our coordinate measuring machine, we are expanding our range of services in order to be able to offer you a comprehensive service.

Here are a few facts about our measuring machine:

Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

Model: Crysta Apex C776

Measuring range: X-axis: 700 mm, Y-axis: 700 mm, Z-axis: 600 mm

Measurement uncertainty: 1.9 + 3L/1000 (µm)

Thanks to the integration into our software, the reports do not differ from the calibration certificates you were previously familiar with, giving you a standardized report for all your measuring equipment and workpieces. You can view and download these in our new QMK customer portal.

To find out more click here QMK Customer Portal

How do we measure?

Our measuring machine is equipped with a PH10M motorized swivel head from RENISHAW. This means we can also measure complex components and even hard-to-reach measurement features are no problem. With our push-button change magazine, it is also possible to change quickly between the different push-buttons.

Here you can get a more detailed picture of our machine:

What are we measuring?

Diameter, distances, parallelism, flatness, angles, straightness, roundness, cylindricity, profile tolerance and much more. – In principle, all shape and position tolerances. You can therefore send us workpieces, special gauges or even components containing these elements.

You are welcome to send us your request via the following link. Downloads

We carry out a feasibility check based on your drawing and provide you with a suitable quotation.

We look forward to your workpieces!

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