QMK GmbH as an exhibitor at the industrial trade fair in Freiburg

The largest industrial trade fair in the southwest opens its doors every two years. Once again this year, in addition to the more than 360 exhibitors, many interested parties found their way to the SICK Arena. The digitalization of business processes continues to advance. This year’s motto “Digital and at the height!” is therefore more than appropriate. More than 100 exciting specialist presentations on innovative developments in the field of digitalization, as well as exhibitors on the topics of artificial intelligence, robotics, industrial analytics, the Internet of Things and cyber security were not withheld from the approximately 10,000 visitors this year.

Stand QMK GmbH Industrial Fair Freiburg
QMK GmbH at the industrial trade fair in Freiburg

QMK GmbH was also represented as an exhibitor from January 30 to February 1 and presented itself as a competent and reliable partner in the field of calibration and measurement technology. In addition to informative and exciting discussions with existing customers, further contacts were made through the exchange of business interests. The industrial trade fair in Freiburg offers all exhibitors an ideal opportunity to show that their products and services are optimally equipped for the digital future. Suppliers, factory equipment manufacturers and automation specialists come together to present their innovative products and services from the electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, metalworking, information technology and industrial services sectors.

Digitization as a tool

2018 was a good year for the economy in South Baden. A survey by the Baden Industrial Business Association (WVIB) showed that the 1016 companies surveyed achieved an eight percent increase in turnover in 2018. At a press conference at the industrial trade fair, WVIB Managing Director Christoph Münzer noted that although the overheated economy cooled down somewhat in 2019, this was not a bad sign. In addition, the industry has long since adapted to the changes brought about by digitalization, says Münzer. Rather, digitalization is a tool for achieving corporate goals. Innovations in the field of artificial intelligence or industrial analytics optimize business processes and offer essential solutions for the increasing requirements in times of digital change.

Exhibition stand QMK GmbH Showcase
Mechanical measuring equipment in the QMK GmbH display cabinet

We at QMK GmbH can also confirm the positive economic change of digitalization with our impressions of the industrial trade fair in Freiburg. As a service provider in the field of calibration and measurement technology, we are looking forward to the exciting challenges of digitalization and would like to continue to support our customers as a competent partner. We would like to thank the WVIB for organizing the trade fair, as well as all customers and interested parties who found their way to our stand. It will be interesting to see what the motto of the industrial trade fair will be in two years’ time.


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