[Video] Individual laser marking of mechanical measuring equipment

Laser engraving is used in many different areas of application. In everyday life, we encounter it at most on sports trophies or as company logos engraved on ballpoint pens. In industry, on the other hand, laser engraving is an efficient means of marking components, measuring equipment and other mechanical parts of huge machine parks. For example, the serial number and batch designation can be assigned quickly and clearly.


We at QMK GmbH also offer individual laser marking of your mechanical measuring equipment. This allows you to have important information such as the test equipment ID engraved on your measuring equipment. This helps you to identify your measuring equipment and also helps your calibration service provider, who can assign the measuring equipment immediately. This results in faster and more reliable calibration.

How laser engraving works

The great advantage of laser engraving is that almost any material can be marked with a laser. In addition, an almost unlimited number of designs can be realized. Whether logo, QR code or complex drawings – a laser can engrave the motif in any shape on any material thanks to the raster or vector format available on the PC. The material is heated by the incident laser beam to such an extent that the color of the material changes to create a contrast. However, the material can also simply vaporize or burn. This then reveals the given motif. The laser engraving achieved by this process is permanently visible and highly resistant to any signs of abrasion.

Advantages of laser engraving

Laser engraving has many advantages. The functional principle is equivalent to the simplicity of normal paper printing. Another method of engraving is mechanical engraving. Only a comparison of the two methods really shows the advantages of laser engraving.

The field of application is significantly larger

As already mentioned, a laser beam can engrave any motif on almost any material. These include materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, glass, textiles, cardboard, paper and many more.

Very gentle on materials

Mechanical engraving often requires the material to be clamped very tightly. This can lead to visible and noticeable material wear. Laser engraving, on the other hand, is completely contactless. In addition, no additional tools such as milling cutters or drills need to be loaded. Tool wear is therefore significantly lower than with mechanical engraving. This contactless process therefore saves time and money.

Precise and rich in detail

Laser technology enables very precise and detailed engravings. Anything that can be drawn can also be engraved by a laser.

Time and cost efficient

From individual items and small batches to mass production in large series – laser engraving is very quick and cost-effective to produce.


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